Which Beachbody program works for me?

Beachbody is probably best known for P90X, but did you know that they carry several other options?  Look through this list, I bet you can find a program that fits you. I am just starting my fitness journey… I want to lose weight and tone up.  I would prefer  a fun workout with a female trainer. Click if this sounds like you! I want to lose weight and I want to see results in 21 days.  Click if this sounds like you! I completed 21 Day Fix and want to step it up some.  Click here Read more […]

11 Things You Should Remind Yourself Daily

Found on: http://www.purposefairy.com/77291/11-things-you-should-remind-yourself-daily/ Here are 11 things you should remind yourself daily, things that will most probably bring more sunshine into your life and more peace into your heart: 1. This moment is your life. Today, here and now, is where your life is. This moment is your life. And if you make a choice to immerse yourself fully into this moment – appreciating, enjoying and loving what is you will experience joy that you have never Read more […]

Well I made the commitment…

So I have completed one round of the 21 Day Fix and am working on round 2.  I can officially say I am a FIRM BELIEVER in the program.  The eating plan makes sense and the exercise do their job, without killing you in the process. My Results: 12# down 13.5″ lost   Insert a major happy dance right here!   I actually believe in the system enough that I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach.  You can check it out right here. Read more […]

Sunsella Silicone Popsicle Molds Review #sunsellamightypops

#sunsellamightypops Perfect timing with the heat of summer bearing down on us. I have tried several popsicle molds but never had good luck.  These are great.  Easy to fill, easy to get the popsicle out.   My favorite recipe from the book was the Pick-Me-Up Mocha Pops. Yield: 21 fl oz (6 Mighty Pops) •2 bananas •3/4 cup strong coffee, cooled •1 cup dairy or plant milk •2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder •sweetener to taste (optional)  From Read more […]

21 Day Fix so far

      Well, I am on Day 16:) I could not be more please with how this is working out.  I took my measurements, but I didn’t take pictures :/  So far I have lost 10 lbs and 9 1/2″  :)  Ok, I will say I was not in the worst shape of my life, but I was definitely not in the best.  I love the eating plan because it doesn’t feel like a diet.  It is more about making conscious food choices and portion control.  I have an app on my phone to help me keep track, but it’s Read more […]

7 little habits that steal your happiness

I love their site. Today I caught this post in my emails and thought I would share. http://www.marcandangel.com/2015/06/28/7-little-habits-that-stole-your-happiness-yesterday 1.  Letting every little problem get the best of you. Inner peace begins the moment you take a deep breath and choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. In other words, the greater part of your happiness or misery in the long run depends on your attitude, not your circumstances.  If you’re Read more […]

Vita Sciences Maxasorb B-12 and Vitamin D Review

I was given the opportunity to work with Vita Sciences on their B-12 and Vitamin D creams. I like the packaging on each item, the bottle has the exact same information.  What I would have liked to see was a little more explanation of the potential health benefits for those who don’t know.   Each bottle contains a 30 day supply and gets applied topically. I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure how it was going to smell or feel once it went on to my skin.  Luckily, Read more […]

Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil & Massage Oil Review

So I’m obviously a big fan of coconut oil.  I’ve covered using it to wash your face, antiperspirant and 21 uses for coconut oil.             I was thrilled to find a product that has most of the same health benefits without all the oily feeling.  I have used it every day and my skin is noticeably softer.  I love that I can use it on my face and so far, it hasn’t caused any breakouts.  It is a great carrier oil for Read more […]

Getting back to basics with a 21 day YOGA challenge!

After realizing that there are so many others out there who can relate to my story of losing myself and working to find myself again, I went on a hunt. A hunt for what you say? To find the perfect “challenge” to get us all back on track to our original selves. What I found was the 21 Day Challenge from Yoga Journal.   Who’s interested in joining me??   http://www3.yogajournal.com/21daychallenge/21dayvideos Beginner  WEEK 1 Day 1: 15-Minute Morning Sequence Read more […]

Life, yoga and getting by

Life and the Universe have a funny way of getting your attention and getting you back on track. Sometimes you just need a kick in the rear to get moving. Sometimes that kick is “slightly” more than you expected. Well, that has been my life lately. I feel like I am on a roller coaster that I have no control over. So I look inwards and control what I can. photo credit: 20100106-IMG_2284 via photopin (license) I turn back to daily mediation, creative visualization and yoga. What this Read more […]