Babywearing and cloth diapers


Well the other night my husband and I went to class on babywearing and cloth diapers.  I was glad he had so many questions.

As for baby wearing, there are SO many different types of ways to carry them.  The big benefit to babywearing was the reduced risk of post partum depression.  Not to mention the fact you still have tow hands available.  He fell in love with the Boba carrier and I really like the Boba wrap.  Now to pick colors Smile

Cloth diapers was interesting.  We already have started a stockpile for when the baby is here.  I purchased pockets, because they don’t look scary to most people, therefore asking someone to watch the child and use cloth diapers is not an issue.  We still need to stock up on more prefolds and covers.  He wants to look into AIO’s as well.  I like pockets because they are easy and convenient.  My registries have some of all three.  This way we can find what fits best and trade the rest at a diaper swap.

I want to give a big thanks to Eco-baby Diaper service in Naples (and soon to be Fort Myers) for putting on these classes and the Fluff Exchange.

Also, Cloth My Heart, their non-profit Smile

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