Kidney stones…

Well last week, we had a scare.  I woke up and was in pain, but nothing I couldn’t deal with or so I thought. About an hour after I woke, I am laying on the floor of the shower thinking I am going to die.  I get my husband to come home to drive me to the ER.  He’s stressing driving me because apparently I look like I am in labor.  After 2 hours in the ER, diagnosis is kidney stones. They gave me medicine for the pain and the nausea and sent me on my way. Um ok, well that doesn’t help.  How do I stop them or prevent them?  This has lead me to search the internet for answers.  Lots of water (OK, that’s a given), no soda or lunchmeat (my midwife said so) but what else?

Things that are bad for you:

Chocolate and peanut butter… Sad smile

Lots of calcium including veggies that have lots of it


Citrus (This is going to be a killer, I’m craving OJ) but not lemonade?  Mayo Clinic is ok with it.



So time to overhaul my diet, yay.  Just what every pregnant woman wants to do once they find foods they like to eat.

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8 thoughts on “Kidney stones…

  1. Melissa says:

    You should ask what type of kidney stones you had, there are two types calcium and uric acid ones.If you had uric acid ones, then cutting all those things above won't help you sadly. 🙁 But if your a sweet tea drinker or a mountain dew drinker you may want to cut those out of your diet to. How horrid you had to go through this.

  2. The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean says:

    Oh you poor thing!! No chocolate! 🙁 Kidney stones are terrible, I am having stomach/abdomen problems and have had for a few months and they suspect kidney stones (or gallstones :S ) It's not fun and I can't imagine being in that much pain when pregnant! You must have been so worried!

  3. DeDa Studios says:

    My hubby has Kidney stones :(. My heart bleeds for you! So much pain! Now is takes a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar everyday. Not sure if it is the miracle cure ..but no attacks since he started taking the daily dose!

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