Ineffective Communication Skills

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Ineffective Communication Skills <>
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No marriage is immune from problems in communicating. Problems are bound to occur because a marriage consists of two people with two opinions. Ineffective communication between husband and wife can cause frustration and cause unwanted negative feelings toward our spouse.  Problems in communication can drive a wedge between you and your spouse; however, couples must learn to recognize and understand their differences and how to communicate effectively.
Communication is the lifeline in marriage. Safe guard your mouth and the words that you use.
Men and women communicate and process events differently. These differences will cause some head bumping in the relationship. Communication is a two-way process.
How to overcome communication problems?
1. When a discussion turns heated, stop, breath, and ask your spouse if you could pray for guidance.  This will <> move a calmness over the room and allow each of you time to think and calm down.
2. Watch the words you use. Words to avoid: NEVER and ALWAYS!
3. Don't assume. Listen to what your spouse is “REALLY” saying
4. Don't interrupt your spouse when they are talking.
5. Guard your mouth. Don't allow your emotions to say sharp words at your spouse that later you will have to ask for forgiveness. Words HURT!

#1 Rule in disagreements. You don't have to win the argument. There are no real winners in an argument.
Learning to overcome communication problems in marriage is not an easy task but very doable. Acknowledge there is a communication problem and utilize the suggestions above to avoid and diffuse any disagreements or arguments.
What are some ways you overcome communication problems in your marriage?
Which suggestion above do you need to implement immediately?
Join me tomorrow as we complete the Marriage Communication series. Tomorrow topic is: 5 Ways to Communicate Effectively with your spouse.
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