Catching up

Well the past month has been hectic.  We’ve moved to a new house, smaller than the old house.  That is always fun.  Nesting has set in but so has the exhaustion.  I need organization suggestions on how to fit all my stuff in the smaller house.  I have purged lots but not enough I guess.

It is amazing how life changes in the blink of an eye. 

As for the pregnancy, it has been fun.  I had to take the one hour and three hour glucose tolerance test.  The three hour test was horrible… I have never felt so sick but, I passed it.  So YAY!!!  I got food poisoning from a fast food restaurant this past weekend.  I have finally been able to keep food and liquids down, which is a blessing since the heartburn was beginning to kill me.

We have our baby shower in 11 days, which I am excited about.  I can’t wait to see everyone and see what gifts our baby has gotten.  The husband is not looking forward to this as much.

I am writing a guest this month about Autism, more to come on that later.  I am also writing posts about family for another blog.  I’m looking forward to these opportunities to continue writing and not losing my mind while I wait patiently for our bundle of joy to get his eviction notice.

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