LOL Who does this?

120502_0000Well I have officially lost my mind.  Who decides that while being pregnant is the best time to get a puppy?  Before we moved from out in the country more towards the city, we had a farm… literally.  Horses, cats, chickens, dogs and a feed bill that would make most people cringe.  In an attempt to get life back under control since I wouldn’t be working any more, we re-homed the farm and moved to a smaller home closer to the city and my hospital.  We decided to keep one of the puppies from our dogs litter.  She was special.  Her eyesight wasn’t good and we worried about what would happen to her. 

Fast forward 3 months, I have a 20 lb. monster who lives in our bed and thinks she is the baby.  I am due in the next month and unsure how she is going to do not being the center of attention anymore.



On another note, Smile I was sent a sample of Mario snack olives in a pouch.  AMAZING!  More so because I have been craving olives and these were easy to eat, ready to go, snack size.  My only complaint was that since they are a little oily, there should be a toothpick or something that comes with it.

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