Bundle of joy

Well after a small hiatus, I am back.  Our little bundle of joy entered this world on June 6 at 4:46 pm.  Life has been hectic trying to adjust to his schedule after spending 2 weeks in NICU, which meant Mommy and Daddy stayed at the Ronald McDonald house so we could see him all the time.  Our day started just like any other, but I felt weird.  Our dog had been cuddling with my belly for days so I knew the time was close.  I was leaking more fluid than usual so I had my husband take me to the hospital.  After three hours of exams and ultrasounds, the doctor decided to induce labor since they could not feel the bag.  After starting and stopping labor two times, they decided to schedule my c-section since Aiden was not handling the contractions well.  I was scheduled for 7 p m since there was no trouble with the baby.  45 min later I am being rushed and prepped for surgery.  Our little angel was here 45 min after that.  Mommy rested lots the first night.  We had several different nurses, but on Thursday night our nurse noticed he wasn’t doing too well eating.  Friday morning, he was rushed to NICU, where we spent the next two weeks.  Stress levels were running high the whole time, and it was two steps forward one step back for most of the time.  Since we have brought him home, things have started to settle down.  He is a little piglet and is doing amazing.

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