Vaska Laundry Detergent

As most people know, I make my own cleaning products.  Smile Cheaper and eco-friendly.  This is a change of pace though.

I am hosting a Trash Cancer party this weekend, so as a host I was sent a box of goodies and samples.

I love the smell of the Vaska detergent.  I did some research online and it is CLOTH DIAPER SAFE.  Naturally, I did a load today with a sample to see how it works.  The diapers are on the line drying, but I noticed no smell on them when I took them out.  I am not a fan of scented laundry detergent, so this is a good thing.  What was also good, was the fact there was no ammonia smell.

I tried to look online for a free sample like for y’all but it seems they are not giving samples anymore due to the huge demand.

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