AP Month

I looked into AP right before the birth of my child.  What I found was that there are no AP groups where I am located so I had to reach out to other avenues for support.  I used my family as an amazing resource.  I also looked on the internet.  What I found was Meetup.com.  There were several groups of moms who get together several times a week.  I was in heaven.  Not only were there activities to get me out of the house, I had people to talk to who understood what I was going through.  I thought I was doing great on my own, but then once I had other people to talk to, I realized how important that connection could be.  It helps you feel like you aren’t alone and that you aren’t losing your mind.  I enjoy getting out there at least once a week.  I may not be able to attend as many of the events as I would like, but each and every time I am able to make it, I am welcomed with open arms.  It’s great to get little messages from people who just want to see how you are doing.  It is also great to find like minded people when it comes to my choices on how to raise my child.  My family does not 100% approve of my choice to co-sleep, but many of the women I met did co-sleep and had great things to say.



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