Sponsor Spotlight Kayla’s Cloth Kits #FluffyXmas

I cannot say enough about Kayla’s Cloth Kits.  She is sponsoring a kit and a gift certificate for the Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway.  I had previously purchased a kit from her.  I love the pattern and the fabrics.  The service was great.  Oh, and the tutorials… AMAZING.  Since I was not completely familiar with the opening for the diaper, I am sure I watched that video at least 10 times before I cut into the precious PUL to make my first KCK One diaper (There will be a whole post about that experience)

Her website provides tons of information on the different fabrics and notions used in making cloth diapers.  I have read almost every page.

Kayla has guest posted on Cloth Diaper News.

You can check out her YouTube channel as well.

Her diaper, the KCK One was also featured on Cloth Diaper News.

KCK One™ Child Pattern-Our very well loved one size diaper pattern (fits children 8-40 pounds)

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