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Today I received my Therapy G products.  I am so excited to see how they work.  They are designed for thinning or fine hair.  My hair was thin before the pregnancy, but after… it seems like all my hair is falling out.  So I am hoping this will help.  To my surprise, there were additional products in the box. YAY! I love skin care (See my post on Coconut oil for face wash).

There were several skin care items.  Two full-size Energizing Facial Scrub and Moisturizing Cleanser, as well as a sample of each of the 6 items in the line (Energizing facial scrub, moisturizing cleanser, gentle  cleanser, super rich clay mask, gentle peel of mask and dead sea mineral mask.)

I have included a picture of all the products as well as my hair.  I will be updating every week, so keep a look out.


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Goodies I received today


My Hair – Day 1

Day 1 hair brush… I have to clean them at least once a week


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