Day 12. Describe a typical day in your current life. #30things

My days were so much easier a few months ago. Back then, the peanut could only roll over… In the past two months, he has mastered crawling and is pulling himself up on everything. Fun.

Normally, I get up anywhere between 6-8, depending on if I need the car or not. First thing is to make coffee. I am a beast without it. Usually, right after I finish my first cup, the peanut is up and hungry.  Change diaper and nursing the baby are up next.  Throw a load of diapers in while I have a chance, try to remember them.  Go for cup of coffee #2 after cramming down a shake.  While I am trying to get stuff done in the kitchen, chances are he is in his high chair playing with some type of finger food.  The dog loves that, since half of it ends up on the ground.

Usually (read hopefully) he goes down for a nap.  After regaining my sanity, I try to cram in as many blog posts and reviews as possible.  Hopefully, I remember to hand the diaper out to dry.  Before I know it, he is up and ready for round 2.  Here comes more coffee and some type of sustenance for mom.  Play, play, play, clean, clean, clean.  Watch Yo Gabba Gabba or PBS kids.  Start dinner.  Convince child he wants to take a nap.  WOO HOO Nap #2.

Finish everything around the house as quick as possible.  Rest for a bit before hubby gets home.  Feed peanut, and everyone.  Bath time for peanut.  Hopefully, he falls asleep at a reasonable hour.  TV for mommy before I pass out from exhaustion.

So what does your day look like?

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