Day 6. If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for? #30things

Three wishes… hmmmm. Well we all know we cant ask for more wishes, that is always against the rules. But what about more genies? I dont remember anyone saying you couldnt wish for that.

Ok, back to reality, in a sense.

Wishes, wishes, wishes.

I wish I won the lottery, not powerball or anything huge (it would be nice, but lets not get greedy), just enough to get everything in order.

I wish I had enough property to have horses, I want my children to grow up with them and responsibilities. Plus they are amazing creatures.

I wish I had more time in the day, especially to see my friends. There are some people who I miss dearly amd would love to visit, if we had the time.

So, see, I dont think Im asking for the impossible, just a little help 😉

What would you wish for?

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