Day 9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how. #30things

Where to start?  This one was hard.

  1. Mr. Arendas – He never let me slack and pushed me to be better and do better.
  2. My Uncle Mike – He helped my conquer my fear of math and give me the strength inside to shoot for the stars.
  3. My mom – She has always stood by me, not matter how much we weren’t getting along.  She taught me strength in the face of adversity.
  4. My dad – I wil always be Daddy’s little girl. He taught me not to take crap from anyone. And losing him has taught me that you cannot take anything for granted.
  5. James Redfield – His book, The Celestine Prophecy opened up my mind to the importance of what is happening around you in life.
  6. Don Miguel Ruiz – His book, The Four Agreements were my manta for a long time on how to live my life to make it better.  Maybe I should look at the again 😉
  7. JJ Virgin – Her book, The Virgin Diet, reminded me why I was eating such a clean diet.  Its such a through explanation of what certain foods can do to your body.
  8. Stephen King – For showing me that the Boogey Man is real, but only in Derry, Maine.
  9. My brother – He taught me that you can’t give up.  No matter what hand he has been dealt, he just keeps on going.
  10. My son, he reminds me that there are miracles everywhere you look.

Hopefully you don’t have as hard of a time as I did.  So, who has  influenced you?

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