How and Why I Started Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diaper 101 Blog Hop

I knew from before I was pregnant that I wanted to cloth diaper.  Originally, it was because we lived so far and trash service was only weekly, so the idea of a weeks worth of dirty diapers just made me ill.  Plus, I wanted to do something better for the environment.  Most of my friends thought I was crazy, and they still do.  The other big factor for me was cost.  I just don’t see the benefits to sposies. Plus, cloth diapers are so cute.  And I can sew my own which brings the cost down even more.

Sunbaby rear KCKOne

The diaper on the left is a Sunbaby.  The diaper on the right is a KCK One that  I made.

I started my collection by looking on Craigslist.  I was able to get 7 bumGenius 3.0 for $50.  Then, I got another 12 WAHM diapers for $20.  So my original stash cost $70.  That’s it.  But I was having problems with these diapers fitting, and we are on a budget so I was stressing.  I ended getting rid of most of these diapers because they just don’t work.

Then I found Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  Once we passed approval, they shipped us an amazing package of diaper.  There were different brands, so I knew something would fit.  As he has gotten older all the ones that they sent have started to fit him.  So yay!

I wash diapers every day or two.  No, my house doesn’t smell.  You cannot tell that I use cloth diapers.  Plus, I don’t have to run out in the middle of the night.

AND the diapers we have are one size, which means I don’t have to worry about running out of a particular size either.

Poopy diapers get a dunk in the toilet and in with the rest of the diapers to wait for laundry day.  I want to get a diaper sprayer to make this even easier.

This post is part of the weekly Cloth Diaper 101 Blog Hop hosted by My Cloth Diaper Stash. This weeks topic is about how you got started CDing.

Did you know… you are supposed to do that with disposables too?  I saw it on a package “SHAKE SOLIDS IN TOILET”.  Just Sayin…


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