Weightloss Weds – Getting Over the Hump

Well I have been following The Virgin Diet, which is basically a modified Paleo diet. Being an eMeals Blogger has come in handy because I get an email each week with my Paleo menu, so I know what I need to cook dinner. It comes in handy because it gives me ideas and I can use most of the recipes. There haven’t been too many I had to change. I had a major diet fail last week after having my IUD removed. I was in pain, so I ate horribly. All I wanted was comfort food. BUT I did get right back on track the next day. so yay for me. I am really happy with my weight loss so far too. I can finally say that I can see it and I’m not starving either. As much I would like to fit in some real exercise, my son has decided to currently give up his naps. I know this isn’t an excuse so that’s why I am going to start the Couch 2 5K program (Anyone else interested?)

Starting weight 162
Current weight 150.4

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2 thoughts on “Weightloss Weds – Getting Over the Hump

    • Kelly says:

      The seven foods you give up for the virgin diet are: soy, gluten, sugar, dairy, corn, peanuts and eggs. I really enjoyed her book. She explains why you are cutting each food out.

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