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I have had the pleasure of trying out a set of Woolzies.  I line dry a good portion of my laundry, but I always dry my comforters and sheets.  Which, might I add, takes FOREVER (or at least it feels that way).  So I figure what a way to try them out.  They are supposed to help reduce drying time.  Insert happy dance.  I have tried dryer balls before and they help, but are noisy and for some reason my dog loves them.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to have a new set and excited to try these out.

~Due to some major technical difficulties (can’t find my camera), I had to grab my images from the company’s site.


I received an awesome looking box, with 6 Woolzies in it.  They are balls of natural wool that are supposed to decrease drying time and be a natural fabric softener.




Round 1 – So since we are drying our king size comforter, I decide to try them out.  I am not impressed.  The comforter took no less time to dry and I had to chase the balls around as I pulled it out.

Round 2 – I decided to try them again, to see if maybe they get better with each use.  To my surprise,  yes.  This next comforter dried faster and was fluffier than usual.  I am thrilled.

Round 3 – I was drying the same comforter as Round 1, and this time I did notice a difference.  It really does seem, at least to me that they do get better with use.

I love not having to use fabric softeners on my comforters.  I don’t have to worry about chemicals and my infant.  Plus, you can’t really hear them in the dryer.





You can purchase your own set now for $34.95 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

Woolzies About Us (from http://woolzies.com/about.htm)

Soft By Nature, Inc. is a small family owned company nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of Southern New York State. Our mission is straight-forward; we intend to pass down this earth to our children in the same beautiful condition that we received it from our parents. We accomplish this by developing all natural eco friendly products and sharing them with our fellow citizens.

In this spirit, we are very proud to present WOOLZIES®, The All Natural Dryer Ball Set. This set of six handmade pure wool dryer balls are special in several ways. They deliver the same benefits for laundry as conventional fabric softeners WITHOUT all the nasty chemicals. They save everyone a lot of money by eliminating the need to continuously spend on fabric softener liquid and sheets. They cut down on the time it takes to dry a typical load by at least 25% thereby saving everyone even more money and cutting down on fossil fuel usage. Finally, being as that they are handmade in the democratic republic of Nepal, they provide a steady source of income to the desperately needy women of that developing nation.

So smile when you purchase a set of WOOLZIES®, because you know you’re helping to make the world a more pleasant place for yourself, your family and future generations!

I received this product free of charge.  Regardless, all opinions are my own. 

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56 thoughts on “Woolzies Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

  1. Anne W. says:

    I hate those dryer sheets flying around everywhere and they are dangerous on tile floors (super slippery), so I would be glad to rid them from my life and have a Woolzie!

  2. Maria D. says:

    I think the thing that excited me most is that they seem pretty durable. I have some dryer balls that I made out of wool yarn, and they’re all starting to fall apart!

  3. Amanda N. says:

    I’m excited by how “solid” they seem. I’ve had balls from other companies fall apart pretty quickly. These look like they’ll hold up well!

  4. Lily Ivey says:

    I have these and have been using them for a couple of months. Love that they are a nice size and the prize is great. They really work at reducing drying time.

  5. Keara B. says:

    I love that Woolzies are all natural- no chemicals coating my clothes or diapers! Plus, they cute down on drying time. Can’t beat that. 🙂

  6. Ellen Bratzel says:

    What excites me most is: Chemical free drying! I have 5 children, aged 3 mo. to 10 years, and I really want to limit their exposure to chemicals in our home.

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