Day 20. Describe some significant memories from your childhood. #30things

Catching up on my 30 things my kids should know about me…

Most of my childhood memories revolve around high school and I don’t exactly want to share those memories.  Oops

But I do remember my mom’s horse biting my baby brother.  We had been feeding Billy carrots… next thing you know,  my brother sticks his finger out and CHOMP.  Of course the horse thought the finger was a carrot, they look the same,

I have seen a set of photos of my brother and I on the beach.  You can see me working so diligently on my sand castle, ever the perfectionist.  In the next picture, you can see my brother running.  You know where this is going, he DESTROYED my hard work.  So, then I had to chase him and try to kill him.  Obviously, it didn’t work. LOL

What are some of your childhood memories?


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