Tortle Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}



About Tortle:

Recommended for all newborns: Tortle is a simple, safe & comfortable infant beanie that has been FDA-cleared to aid in the repositioning of your baby’s head. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all newborns heads be repositioned regularly to help prevent flat head syndrome. By alternating Tortle’s positioning roll from left to right (behind baby’s ears) with each feeding, parents alleviate the flat spots and neck tightness that newborns often develop.

About Flat Head Syndrome:

Every baby is at risk of positional plagiocephaly and torticollis (flat head syndrome), and 48% of them develop the condition to some degree. 48%. Almost half!

And it’s preventable.

Proper movement and repositioning of your infant directly from birth is one of the keys to healthy development of your infant.

I received a Large (4-6 months, 15-20 lbs) in Whimsical Elephant.  It is adorable.  My son is not exactly a hat wearer so this was impossible to keep on him unless he was sleeping.  I like the way it kept his head positioned and that I didn’t worry as much about his face being too close to the bed.  It’s a great idea.  I cannot wait until my next child so I can use it more than I was able to with Peanut.





Tortle is sponsoring a giveaway of one Tortle to my readers, your choice of size and color.


Disclaimer: I received a product as compensation for my review.  As always, my opinions are my own.
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