Imagine Diapers Review


Imagine Diapers 

I love new fluff.  I really love trying new brands and seeing how they hold up.  I was sent an All in two Diaper with three inserts to try out.

First Impression

Color – I was sent an indigo AI2.  I love the color on my son, it brings out his eyes.

Legs – Double gusset!  Do I really need to say more?


Rise – One size diaper with adjustable rise, fits perfect.

Waist – Mine has hook and look closures, which are really easy to use.  BUT my toddler can undo them in under a minute so I need to put something over them for him.  There is also a snap

Inserts – Three microfiber snap in inserts with polar fleece covers.  I love the feel of them and he seems to like them.  The absorbancy is great.  I usually have to double stuff night-time diapers because is a heavy wetter.  With one insert, we had no leaks overnight 🙂 YAY!!!


Also, Imagine has an Advocacy Program.  You can sign up to sell the diapers.  I did (so yes, there are advocate links in this post).  I really like the diapers.  They are a very affordable option for people, and they are a good quality diaper.  I have no problem telling people to buy these.

From their FAQ:

Who is behind Imagine Baby Products?

Nicki, owner of Nicki’s Diapers and creator of Best Bottom Diapers came up with the idea for Imagine Baby Products and the Imagine Advocacy Program when she saw a need for spreading education about the new ease of cloth diapers and began getting questions about how people could start their own cloth  businesses. Knowing how difficult starting a business can be, Nicki decided to give YOU all the benefits of your own business — time freedom, no inventory to manage, no overhead costs — and make it easy.

I will be hosting  giveaway of an AI2 and 3 inserts next month.  This package is going to be included in my April Win a Stash prize package.  Remember to come back April 1 and check

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