Lovable Labels Ultimate Camp Pack

How the year is flying by.  It’s already March… Which means its almost that time of year.  What time of year you may ask?  Time to start thinking and preparing for summer, which usually means some type of summer camp or program (especially with multiple kids, so you can save your sanity).   But, this usually means that you will be sending items with your children that you would ideally like to return to you.  Unless you really want to replace everything, then that’s a whole different story.  But for most parents, when you send your child with certain items, you anticipate that they will be returning.  Well at least most items will be returning.

What better way to make sure (or at least attempt) that everything that goes to camp with your child, comes back home with your child?  I know that items get mixed up and misplaced all the times, but labeling it all will help with some of that.  Plus, labeling everything is so much easier than writing names on EVERYTHING.  Besides that, the labels are so much cuter than the handwriting.

This is where the perfect answer steps in.  Meet Lovable Labels Ultimate Camp Pack.

Lovable Labels offers an awesome Ultimate Camp Pack, that will cover everything.  The camp pack includes over 150 multipurpose labels.  When you sign up  for their monthly e‐newsletter, you will receive exclusive deals that are not available to the general public.  Also, for the first time ever, they will be releasing early bird pricing on the Ultimate Camp Packs, which is one of their bestsellers and best value pack available.


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