Sponsor Spotlight – Chelory Diapers

Next month is the April Win a Stash.  🙂 I know, I know, you can’t wait.  I previously mentioned my other sponsor, Imagine Diapers, in their review.  Now it is time to reveal my other sponsor.

Drum roll please…… Chelory Diapers.

I’m sure many of you are super excited.  She has such a great product and a great following.  For the hop, Chelory will be sponsoring a $30 gift certificate to their store.  You can check them out at www.chelory.com.  You can also stop by their Facebook, tell them I sent ya.

She makes AIO and AI2 diapers.  he also has a miniC, which is a newborn AIO.

Here are a few of her super adorable diapers.



From her About Me page:

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Cory. Chelory is a combination of our names: raCHEL and cORY. We have two beautiful children (so far!) Jaydence is 4 and Bug (Levi) is 3. I knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I was even pregnant with Jaydence, so I started playing around with different patterns and fabrics. After Bug was born, my husband said “MY BOY WILL NOT BE WEARING PINK OR PURPLE DIAPERS!” So, like a good wife, off I went to accumulate a stash of “appropriate” diapers. The pink and purple ones were listed for sale. The sweet mamas who purchased those very first diapers kindly asked where they could get more, so Chelory was born!

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