It Works! Giveaway {CLOSED}

I know you have seen it all over the place, so here is your chance to try it.  Wraps By Mena is giving away one Ultimate Body Applicator.c
How it works:
The wraps release toxins from your fat cells, and then you flush those toxins by drinking lots of water. Once the toxins are gone the problem area will be smaller. (Stretch marks, cellulite, all of that is just toxins that have taken dormant and filled those areas) – If you watch your toxin intake after wrapping (diet sodas, alcohol, fatty/greasy foods) then the results will be permanent. Otherwise the results will last about 4-6 months. It is not a water weight wrap so it’s not something  that is going to come right back 😉
Here is the website if you’d like to purchase:
Here is a before and after photo of the wraps! Look at the difference in her stretch marks!
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16 thoughts on “It Works! Giveaway {CLOSED}

  1. Julie Thompson says:

    I like the idea of getting all the toxins out of my body and making it healthier. Thank you for the giveaway

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