#MinCamp Day 1 Creating a More and Less List


Task #1: Make a More and Less List

The question goes from “How do I fit everything in?” to “What’s most important to fit in?  – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 2 #MinCamp

We’re kicking off MinCamp by focusing on what most parents tell us is their biggest challenge: time. In Minimalist Parenting, we talk about “making room for remarkable.” In other words, when you do less of the unimportant stuff, there’s more time and space for the important stuff. The challenge? Figuring out what’s important. With so much that’s urgently (or at least insistently) tapping our shoulders, it’s not always easy to get in touch with our true priorities.

The best starting point we’ve found is a simple one: the More and Less List. It’s just what it sounds like: a list of what you’d like more of in your life, as well as what you’d like less of. A More and Less List is a surprisingly powerful tool for turning ideas into action. It’s the beginning of the road map that leads from where you are to where you want to be. With a More and Less list, you’re drawing in the big landmarks. As time goes on, you’ll fill in the freeways and the side streets until the route to your destination comes into view.

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I figure I will complete these tasks on my blog so that I am more accountable for them…


Sewing time

Play time

Date nights

Time to read





Laundry 😉 except diapers

Messes from the dog

Temper tantrums


What did you put on your more and less list?

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