#MinCamp Task #7: Declutter your e-mail


Task #7: Declutter your e-mail

It’s not only impossible to respond to every query, it’s perfectly okay to not respond to everything, particularly when lack of response is due to lack of interest. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 5

E-mail. Amazingly convenient. Also the bane of many of our existences. Digital clutter can be just as paralyzing as physical clutter, so today we’re going to do something about it. Today’s task is to spend 30 minutes decluttering youre-mail using the “three-touch rule.”

The power of the three-touch rule lies in a mindset shift and in exercising a fast, instinct-based approached to clearing out your inbox. Let’s do this thing!

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I have so many email addresses… I decided to clean the one I use most frequently. That’s the one for this blog.  Although, this one already has folders and filters, its still a mess.  So after about thirty minutes or so, I think my inbox is tidy.  Those were the longest 30 minutes though.  I have added more filters, cleaned out folders.  Almost inspired me to clean out another one… yeah not happening right now.  Right now, I am watching a crazy little person running loose in my living room.

So how long did you spend cleaning your email?  Was it worth it?

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