Rant of a SAHM

As I crawl back on my soapbox, let me start this with the fact I don’t mean to offend anyone.  This is just to clear my head.  OK… here goes

Does anyone else feel under appreciated as a stay at home mom?  Sometimes, I feel like people take it for granted that since I stay at home, life is easy.  No, it is not easy.  No, I do not get to lay around all day.  90% of my day is spent chasing an overactive toddler through the house and convincing him to stop climbing on things.  The rest of my day is split between trying to get stuff out of my brain and onto my blog or trying to clean the house.  Cloth diaper laundry is crammed in first thing every morning before he is even awake.  Heaven knows, I was never great at the housekeeping side, but it seems so much harder with a kid and a dog.  I just feel like people assume when I say I am SAHM that my life is some kind of walk in the park.

Guess what?  Yes, I check my Facebook, who doesn’t?  Usually it is from my phone, while I am trying to nurse him.  Sometimes, I write my posts from my phone.  That only means I will need to sit at the computer to clean it up and make it look like it does in my head.  Sometimes, I even check Pinterest, but I know I can get lost on that site so I have cut that back.  I have to schedule blog posts and other media posts just to make sure I have content out.  Thank you HootSuite for allowing me that capability.

When I have more than a few minutes of time, I even try to sew a few more diapers.  Peanut has a radar though and as soon as I touch the machine, he is awake.  I have not mastered sewing with a toddler in my lap.  This means I have more than a few diapers and blankets in progress at anytime.  My project drawer is    I would love to do nothing but sew all day, that is not realistic though.

Sometimes, I even take time to try to learn more info about blogging and social media in general.  As long as I can do it in 5-10 min increments, it might get done.

I just wish that people understood that there is so much more that goes on during the day than what they assume.

So, I ask, why do people assume that when you say ” I am a SAHM” that I do nothing?  OK, my little rant over.  Off the soap box and onto the living room floor to read and play games.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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