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So living in Florida means sunglasses are part of our everyday attire.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance to review some sunglasses that I was sent Real Kids Shades for Peanut.

Easier said than done, let me tell you.  I’ve managed to try all three pairs of glasses on him.  While I love the idea of protecting his eyes, I’m not winning this battle.  He refuses to leave them on.  He would rather chew on them.  But, the hat that came with the glasses was a much bigger hit with him.

These are the three I got.  I love the Xtreme Sport glasses because they have foam around them so he will be protected on the 4 wheelers.  The Frog glasses are the cutest pattern.  The Frog and Light Blue fit well, while the Xtreme are still a little big.  I have been trying to get pictures with the glasses on, but he usually starts howling as soon as they hit his head.  Figured no one wanted to see pictures of a screaming baby trying to eat sunglasses.




Even if he won’t wear it right. LOL

There are so many reasons to put sunglasses on your child.  We know they are good for your eyes, why not theirs?

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Get ready for a giveaway next week for your own pair.

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