#MinCamp Task #2: Tackle Your Most Difficult Thing First

Task #2: Tackle Your Most Difficult Thing First

We get that there’s only so much interruption you can control (you can’t exactly push the mute button on a toddler). – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 3

We all have those nagging items on our to-do lists. Some require focused time (e.g., generating a budget) whereas others come with emotional weight (e.g., a difficult phone call you need to make). Either way, procrastinating depletes your energy. Every time your eyes hit that to-do list item and you don’t address it, it slows your momentum.

Today’s task is to start your day by tackling the most challenging thing on your to-do list. Often, you’ll find that the task did not actually take that long, and you immediately feel freer and ready to rock the rest of your day because the burden is

Yuck… at least it is done.  I had to force myself to do this one.  But, calls are made and meeting is done.  So thank you #mincamp for making me do the stuff I didn’t want to do.  I’m glad that I did it though and it is a huge weight of my shoulder.

What is your most difficult task and did you complete it today?

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