#MinCamp Task #3: Say Yes and No


Task #3: Say Yes and No

Your time and attention are too precious to be nibbled away by everything that would thoughtlessly take a bite.

We’re going to challenge your assumptions and invite you to give your calendar and to-do list a closer look. Is everything in there something you really have to attend to or do?

Today’s task is to say yes to an event or task that makes you happy, and no to an event or task that’s dragging you down.

When you clear away the unimportant and annoying, there’s room for the important and joyful. Obligation is a difficult beast to battle, but really, what’s worse: declining an invite or task, or gritting your teeth and muddling through with “I don’t want to do this” mojo?

Look, we’ve all got things we’ve just gotta do. Few of us wantto take out the garbage or fill out boring paperwork. But a dreaded chore might be swapped with a partner or paid helper…or delegated to a kid. That stuffy cocktail party invite can be gracefully declined. For no other reason than you prefer to use your time and energy elsewhere.

Beyond the things you must do, reserve your energy for the things that make you feel happy and excited. Think of saying no as a way of saying yes to joy.

Saying yes was easy.  I will have a table at the fluff exchange selling my diapers, quilts and any other baby stuff I can think of to get rid of.  Saying no is harder…  Not even sure what to say no to.  I don’t have anything on my plate right now.  It’s kinda nice to have a break from everything.  Now, if he would just nap, I could say yes to my sewing machine. #MinCamp

 So what did you say yes and no to today?

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