#MinCamp Task #5: Donate a bag of stuff


Task #5: Donate a bag of stuff

Unless you have an immediate positive reaction to an item, you can probably let it go.  – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 5 #MinCamp

In no area of family life does the first key of Minimalist Parenting—make room for remarkable—translate so literally. Most of us feel happier and clearer in more open and organized environments, but getting there can be tricky for all sorts of reasons.

In the book, we walk you through what those reasons might be (and how to navigate past them) but today, we want you to enjoy a little instant gratification. Today’s task is to collect and donate one bag of stuff.

Chances are, without much thought, you could fill a bag with stuff you’ve been meaning to donate. We’re not suggesting launch into full-on declutter mode. But we do think removing one bag of clutter from your house will get the ball rolling in a promising direction.

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Lord, I needed to do this.  I’m actually pretty good about donating stuff.  We don’t have a ton of room in our house so I am always purging crap.  This time it is going to be more clothes.  Last month I cleaned out the kitchen.

What did you purge today?

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