#MinCamp Task #6: Declutter for 15 minutes


Task #6: Declutter for 15 minutes

If you use it or you love it, it’s worth making space for in your life.

You know that ahhhh feeling you get when you spend time in a tidy, organized room? Space that contains just what it needs to be functional and comfortable—but no more—lets you relax and think in a way you just can’t in a cluttered environment. The same is true for kids: when the playroom (or homework desk or art project area) is clear and only a few toys or supplies are on display, creative thinking and imagination have room to run.

You’re about to transform your home into that retreat. Decluttering your home won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without effort, but it will happen, and we’ll help you get started. Today’s task is a single 15-minute decluttering session.

One of the keys to decluttering is setting small, tangible goals. For example, instead of setting yourself up for failure with “I’m going to declutter the basement today!” better to start with one shelf in the basement.

This needed to be done. My computer and sewing area is a disaster…

What area are you going to declutter today?

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