Fun Fridge Magnets Review

I love cute magnets.  Especially ones that have to do with moods.  I was sent Pregnant and New Mom Moods to review and to give away to one of my lucky readers.  As soon as my Fun Fridge Magnets got here, it went on the fridge.  My hubby and I have had a good time marking what our moods for the day were.  Plus, it gives people a warning as to the climate of the house each day.  If you see that I’m overwhelmed I Surrender!or frustrated Ugh!, now would be the time of offer a hand around the house.  HINT HINT Big Smile




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4 thoughts on “Fun Fridge Magnets Review

  1. carissa joslyn says:

    I like how they have different ones.
    like one for kids, mom, dads, etc.
    My son doesn’t have good speech, this would be cool to have him show me how he is feeling, hopefully instead of biting me if he’s angry. haha

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