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How Did I Prepare for the Flats Challenge (Hint I only spent $11)? #Flatschallenge

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I’m participating in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry.

When I decided to take the flats challenge, I knew I had no flats.  Never wanted any so I was going to have to come up with a cheap option.  Didn’t really want to invest a ton into something I probably wouldn’t be using.  I started researching on the internet and saw that people were using receiving blankets.  Gee… I have a bunch of those.  Yay for me! Cost: $0

But that wasn’t enough.  I needed more.  So off to do more research and this time I found out about flour sack towels (FST).  So I went to Wal-mart and there they were.  5 for $4.98.  So I have 10 of those which just cost me over $10 with taxes.  One day into this, I’ve realised unless I really want to spend most of my day washing, I need a few more.  My son soaks right though one, so I have to double them during naps.  Cost $10.52

Mainstays 5pk Flour Sack Kitchen Towel, White

Mainstays 5pk Flour Sack Kitchen Towel, White

I am using my pockets and covers I already had.  I am stuffing some with flats because my hubby will never figure out the folds. LOL So yet another $0 in this area.

Washing… right now I am washing them in the tub.  I’m on the mission for a washing board, but that’s ok.  No poopy diapers right now so the handwashing is a-ok.

Where did you get your supplies to participate in the challenge?  Did you spend more or less than what you thought you would?


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2 thoughts on “How Did I Prepare for the Flats Challenge (Hint I only spent $11)? #Flatschallenge

  1. Tessa W says:

    I never took an official flat’s challenge but I started out cloth diapering with flats. I learned quickly too that I needed to double up (kite fold with a rectangularly folded flat tucked in as a booster) or my son would leak and the diaper would shift (I didn’t use pins). I actually used flats that my mom gave me that she used on my brother and sister and me after recieving them from a friend of hers. So they were nearly 40 years old and my son was baby #7 in them. It was very cool! But then I discovered fittteds and never looked back lol!
    Tessa W recently posted..Learning to be ContentMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      I’m finding that I like hybrid fitteds, but I’m getting some mother ease fitteds to try. I cannot wait. Its amazing how long those flats held up. Some times I wonder if todays diapers are getting too complicated?

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