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MinCamp Task #9 – Involve Your Kids in Mealtime

Talk bout falling off the band wagon.  This was scheduled for mid April… obviously that didn’t happen.  Sometimes life just gets in the way I guess.  On to MinCamp task #9, involving kids in mealtime.


Task #9: Involve Your Kids in Mealtime

If your child wants to make crazy shapes with the cookie dough, why not? When you let your kid take charge (within reason) you’ll be amazed by how focused he’ll get on the project and the result. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 12

We’re big fans of involving kids in mealtime preparation, whether it’s menu planning, shopping, or meal prep (or all three if the kids – or you – are into it). Participation at all of these levels ups kids’ interest in actually eating the food being served. It also fosters their awareness of household responsibilities and eventually frees you up. WIN.

Today’s task is to involve your kids in mealtime preparation in whatever way works for you. Starting small = good. Every step forward is progress…and it’s okay when progress isn’t linear!

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LOL he’s 11 months so the only interaction in the kitchen is keeping him out of things.  Right now he loves trying new foods, so I base my meals on making sure he has a few items he loves and a few new ones to try.



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