C-Sections and my thoughts

I really want to hear what everyone thinks about this subject.

It’s nice to see that c-sections are leveling out but I think that there are still too many happening.  1 in 3 children will be born via c-section.  Peanut was, although not by my choice.  I’ve spent lots of time since he was born researching the subject so I figured I’d share some of what I found and see what everyone else thought, or if you had some more sources for me to look at.  Can’t learn enough I guess.

I was recently reading an article that there could potentially be a correlation between c-sections and the increase in allergies that they are seeing today.  Also, there is a potential correlation between obesity in children and c-sections.

We know our bodies are full of bacteria, that’s a given.  What most people don’t know is that when you deliver a child vaginally, you are sharing that bacteria with your child.  This is a GOOD thing.  When a child is born via c-section, they  miss out on all of this.  Breastmilk is even designed to feed some of the bacteria, so Nature really meant for them to be there.  Bacteria also help fight of germs, so they are kinda helping the infants immune system.  These bacteria can change as needed, they eat some of the food we eat.  This is all besides the fact they outnumber cells is your body.

America already knows it has a problem with obesity.  This study showed that at 3 years old 15.7% of children delivered via c-section vs. 7.5% of children delivered vaginally were already obese.  I wonder if this has more to do with parents and less to do with the way the child was delivered.


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2 thoughts on “C-Sections and my thoughts

  1. Melanie S says:

    Interesting. All three of mine were born via c-section. My older two are perfectly proportioned albeit on the tall side. My oldest was not breastfed but my 2nd breastfed for a year +. Thanks for sharing this article. I am a strong advocate for birth and agree that the c-section rate is extremly high.
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    • Kelly says:

      I think the obesity information may be biased. I just don’t see how method of birth can make you overweight. I guess they don’t want to put the blame on anything that might actually be causing it. 🙂

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