My #MugSwap2013 Experience

Oh where to start… Here is the basics and the rules to the Third Annual Mug Swap 2013 from ACuppaKim: Now, before we get to the good stuff, let’s go over the basics, shall we? Here’s how it works: Give a mug. Get a mug. By signing up you PINKY PROMISE you will send a mug to your assigned buddy. In turn, you will receive a mug yourself. From someone else! Step 1SIGN UP. The ONLY way to sign up for the mug swap is by filling out the form below. You will see a confirmation on the screen that you are all signed up. Sign ups close 5pm on August 6th Midnight on August 7th (a week from today). Although, I am reserving the right to close sign ups early if things get too crazy. So, be sure to sign up ASAP. Step 2. Spread the word. The first year we had 33 participants. Last year we had 240+!!! The more the merrier!!! Grab the button HMTL on the right, or share the Mug Swap Button on Instagram, Twitter, or your Blog! Step 3. On or before August 12th I will email you your assignment. If you have not heard from me by Midnight on August 12th, please double check your email (spam folders!) and then shoot me an email. I will send these out in waves, as I have time. But no later than August 12th. Step 4. On or before August 24th Find & Mail your mug. This means your mug should be en route to its recipient NO LATER THAN the 24th. This gives you almost two weeks to find and send. Step 5. Receive & Document your mug! This is the fun part! Blog, Instagram, Tweet your Mug Swapping Adventure. Be sure and use#mugswap2013 on Instagram & Twitter so other Swappers can find you! If you tag me (@cuppakim), make sure your account isn’t private so I can see! Step 6. Link up! This year, I will be hosting a Linky Party on September 3rd for those of you who are bloggers and want to link up your posts! (This gives you plenty of time to make sure your mug arrives & recap your sending and receiving adventures!) That is it. It’s pretty simple. Sign up & send. Ok, simple enough.  I got an awesome and amazing package from my mug buddy <3 <3 <3 Mymugstuff BUT I am in no position to do what she did (this year).  I found an awesome mug and had it shipped straight to my mug buddy because they said shipping would take a bit and then I would be paying twice for shipping, which seemed silly.  The company I ordered from wouldn’t let me send it as a gift or include a note 🙁  So I’ve been patiently stalking my mug buddy’s instagram feed, waiting for it to show up.  I was so excited when it finally did 🙂

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 You can meet my mug buddy Gwen, The Gemini Mama blogger at **** Pictures of her mug are from her instagram feed****  I needed pictures of the mug in action I can’t wait for next year!!!

Mug Swap!

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2 thoughts on “My #MugSwap2013 Experience

  1. KIM says:

    Cafe du monde! I’ve been there but I’ve never tried that chicory coffee! Must know how it is! And that happy mug you send is so cool! I’d love to watch it do its thing!!!!

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