Fall Recipes… Part 1

I wrote a post for Thinking Outside the Sandbox: Family about how to make apple butter.  You can check it out here: http://family.thinkingoutsidethesandbox.ca/homemade-apple-butter-progress/?fb_source=pubv1

Here is an exerpt:

Finished Apple Butter (1)

I love Fall, not that we really have seasons down here, but I like the food.  I also, really, really love apple butter, but I’m not a fan of what I can find int he local grocery store.  So I figured I would find an easy recipe and take a stab at it.

Some people really want you to slave over a stove for hours to make this.  Not me… I don’t have time for that.  So I found an easy, peasy crock pot recipe.

The original recipe was HUGE, so I cut it half.  Seriously, who needs that much.

I will be posting a sequel to this including pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and roasting pumpkin seeds.

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