A Diaper of a Different Breed – Green Line Diaper Review


I cannot tell you how excited I was to try this cover from Green Line Diaper.  They are a family run business out of Canada.  I think its great they both stay home and are involved in the business.  I truly love the simplicity of the design, it is one of my favorites and its getting tons of use.

P1020115 P1020116

I just took the towel and padfolded it and laid it in the cover.  Nothing fancy happening here.


I really like the fact that there is no PUL in this diaper.  The outer is a cotton knit and the inner is a breathable waterproof layer.  This means that Peanut has had no rashes in this diaper, even during this bout of teething.

I have not had a single leak with this diaper.  I have even left it on overnight accidentally, with no extra inserts, just the bamboo cotton terry towel.

P1020120  P1020121

P1020118 I was really curious about the drawstrings.  I feel like the drawstrings really let you adjust the fit on the thighs.  It works great with my wiggle worm.

P1020117 P1020122

You just pull the drawstring, slide the lock and tuck in after you adjusted.  So quick and simple.


Here are some shots of it in action.  He wouldn’t hold still and kept spinning around.

P1020138 P1020144 P1020165 P1020166

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