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Amber For Babies

Peanut already had one amber teething necklace but I didn’t have much faith in it. I don’t “love” the store I bought it from, plus he was able to break a few of the pieces off.

So when the opportunity arose to try a different brand, I thought, well why not?

I chose a raw lemon Baltic amber teething necklace. My previous one was shiny with several different colors, which I didn’t really like too much for him.

I love them.  I feel that these work better for him, he cut 8 teeth since receiving this necklace and handled it much better than with the previous one.

Some features & facts from their website:


  • Length : 12 – 13 inches / 32 cm
  • Weight : Approx. 6 gram
  • 100% genuine Baltic amber
  • Individually knotted beads
  • Safety Clasp


  • Traditional Europian baby teething remedy
  • Recognized by allopathic medicine
  • Natural alternative to drugs

A string of beautiful lemon amber is visually appealing, but it is also a wonderful resource when you have a teething baby. This is because a lemon unpolished beads amber teething necklace can be used to soothe the pain and discomfort of the entire teething experience.
True Baltic Amber is the key, and this necklace provides a long string of beads of varied sizes. Their lemon yellow hues will provide a child with visual stimulation and long periods of distraction, but it is when the beads touch the child’s skin that the wonders begin. This is because the Baltic Amber interacts with the heat of the skin and produces an anti-inflammatory response in the child. This reduces the swelling and pain and gives the child complete comfort.

The course texture of the beads will also prove an appealing feature of the necklace and the child will enjoy the feel of them against the skin too.
Each necklace uses traditional hand beading techniques that strings each bead individually and then secures it into place with strong knots on each side. This prevents the loss of any beads should a thread break, and guarantees you many years of content babies and relaxed parents.

Side note:  I have been wearing his old necklace on my wrist.  Within two days of taking it off, I had a flare up of kidney stone.  Not sure if there is any correlation, but bet your bottom, I’m putting it back on.

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