Loving Diaper Covers

When I started cloth diapering, I wasn’t sure where to start or what style would work best.  I did my research and read tons and tons of blog posts and reviews.  In the end, I picked what I thought would work best for us, which ended up being pockets.  Naturally, after a few months of use, I was addicted to them and I had no desire to try anything else, especially diaper covers.  Pockets were the easiest option for everyone.  I have sewn about half of my stash and just covers just weren’t my thing.  Neither were AIO or AI2.  That might be due to the fact I hate sewing them LOL.  But then I received my first Diaper Covers, four adorable Bummis Super Whisper Wraps.

I fell in love.  So easy to use and the best part, no more STUFFING!  I don’t mind when I have time, but if I fall behind on laundry, last thing I feel like doing is stuffing diapers.  I throw anything in there, from flour sack towels to prefolds to hemp inserts.  They work great over my Mother-ease One Size .They were my go to diaper when we went on vacation.  I can usually get 2 or 3 uses out of a cover before laundry day, unlike pockets which is a one time use.

My husband still doesn’t like them.  He doesn’t trust them to not leak.  I haven’t had any leak issues, but he is still a skeptic, and thats ok.  I do most of the diaper changes around here anyway.  I am going to have to upgrade to covers with snaps though.  Hook and loop closures don’t last 5 minutes with Peanut.  Thats my only complaint about my current covers.  It just means they have to be covered.  No showing off the cute fluffy bums,


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