Life, yoga and getting by

Life and the Universe have a funny way of getting your attention and getting you back on track.

Sometimes you just need a kick in the rear to get moving. Sometimes that kick is “slightly” more than you expected. Well, that has been my life lately. I feel like I am on a roller coaster that I have no control over. So I look inwards and control what I can.


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I turn back to daily mediation, creative visualization and yoga. What this has made me realize is that there are a great many things I need to change in my life. I love getting ready for my yoga practice and having my son copy my movements. What a blessing it is to be able to share these quiet moments with him, in the midst of all the turmoil.
But these moments have also made me realize how much I am missing by working. I guess you can say it was very humbling and centering to realize that I need to move forward with a one forgotten dream. Sometimes I feel like becoming a “mom” made me think I had to give up on my dreams. What I have realized is that I never needed to give up on them, maybe they just needed a little revamping.

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All of this reminds of something a yoga instructor, I recently had described.  She said dharma is to live with purpose and meaning.  Essentially, I think it means that you should do what you were meant to do.  Everyone has a purpose in life.  The hardest part is finding it.  This really got me thinking about what I was meant to do in this life versus what I have been doing.  I mean, I do the job thing, making me a productive member of society, but is that really all I want my life to be?  Is that how I want to be remembered?

So I have decided to make this year MY year.  I spend time every morning visualizing where I will be in three years and knowing that I have an amazing future in store.


But what I have to ask you is, what is holding you back?  What do you need to take that leap from ordinary to amazing?


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54 thoughts on “Life, yoga and getting by

  1. Monique says:

    I’m so glad you decided to make this your year! I’m right up there with you as far as the meditation goes, and taking the time to be creative. I think the biggest thing holding me back is my perception that I don’t have enough time in the day, after coming home from the 9 to 5, and after weekends spending time with family and friends. Sometimes I wish I could go on a paid, 2 month sabbatical, sitting in front of my laptop, to see what I’m capable of. Then other times I realize I have all the time in the world, and plenty of excuses not to get started. Great to meet you virtually, best of luck this year!
    Monique recently posted..Loving Affirmations for MarchMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      🙂 Yes! There is always an excuse to not do it or not have the time. I have had to literally schedule the time in to my day and get up earlier in the morning so I do have the time for it. I’ve been doing the 30 Day push with Chalene Johnson and LOVE it 🙂 For now, I totally feel more organized.

  2. Shereen Travels Cheap says:

    I struggle a lot with motivating myself to get ahead in my blog. If I stay organized and give myself deadlines, it works a lot better. I’m trying hard to keep up with my editorial calendar and not totally going off schedule again and making it harder on myself.
    Shereen Travels Cheap recently posted..My Travel Bucket ListMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      LOL I create an editorial calendar every year, and it seems like every year, I fall off at some point. I know I just need to find the perfect method for me.

  3. Bonnie Way says:

    I’m a doer. I know things won’t happen just because I talk about them happening; I have to take the steps to make them happen. And they have to become enough of a priority that I do take those steps. 🙂 Thanks for sharing what works for you!
    Bonnie Way recently posted..Fusion Fire by Kathy TyersMy Profile

  4. Alice @ Earning My Two Cents says:

    I think i need to spend some time meditation on how to take that leap to amazing. I tend to just keep doing what I know and have always done, but spending some time in reflection (for me its often when I’m running or driving) is when I can see where i want to go and what to change to get there.

  5. Whitney McGruder says:

    Sometimes, it’s hard to chose between changing your life for yourself or for someone else. It’s a sacrifice to put someone else before you. I’m not a mom yet, but I’ve seen how much my parents have sacrificed to make sure I was a happy kid. All I can say is that there is a way to be at peace with the new version of yourself. That’s what I hope for myself, at least.

  6. Elizabeth Duke says:

    Yoga is an amazing and very helpful way to bring ourselves back to life. I have found that the practice is very helpful for teens who need to reduce some anxiety and stress. They are given lessons in the hospital where I work and they have had really good results. Thank you for sharing this post.

  7. Crystal Green says:

    I think I need a stronger belief in my abilities. I think I’m my biggest set back because I don’t come out of my comfort zone much at all. When I do, I get scared by the attention it gives me. I feel like a turtle wanting to explore the world around me and socialize, but yet to scared to trust coming out of it’s shell.
    Crystal Green recently posted..Snag This Medieval Times Spring Break SpecialMy Profile

  8. Keelie Reason says:

    Yes, it is very important to take time to visualize your dreams and life ahead. That is very true. Meditation is something many of us struggle to take time to do. We don’t want to sit in the quiet, we are always being entertained. Good for you for making that part of your life.
    Keelie Reason recently posted..Lasagna Soup RecipeMy Profile

  9. Maketta says:

    I used to do yoga and I really want to get back to it. I would do yoga early in the morning especially in the winter time but then I started walking with my mom so she wouldn’t have to walk by herself. Now, one of her friends walks with her now. So, I want to try to get back to it. However, I pray 5 times a day so that keeps me centered. I have to slow down. It’s nice to take those breaks to connect with God. It helps to combat stress to.
    Maketta recently posted..How To Have The Right Blogging MindsetMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      Do it! I was going to a studio but it’s hard to get a sitter all the time, so I tried several apps on my phone and found one I’m really enjoying.

  10. Lisa @ Saving Cent by Cent says:

    I too believe that everyone has a purpose in life. Sometimes it takes time to figure it out because life is constantly changing, but I think we can find purpose in our life by focusing on those things that are most important to us like our family and relationships.

  11. Keelie Reason says:

    Yes, we can all ask that question, where will we be in 3 years. It is hard to visualize your dreams with little children under foot. Still, we all need to strive for our goals and keep pushing forward.

  12. Val @ Love My DIY Home says:

    This is my year too. I have been a caregiver for my mom for a long time and after her passing I find that I feel as if I am starting a new life. I do miss her, but I also see this as a gift – to explore, grow and remake myself. God has blessed me with a great family and I see great times ahead with new grandkids coming and new challenges around the corner. Life is good.
    Val @ Love My DIY Home recently posted..Building a Balcony Garden – Guest Post by Dane O’LearyMy Profile

  13. Cristina says:

    What a wonderful message. I love the image of your son doing the movements with you, seeing you peaceful and taking care of yourself. I have been moving in this direction as well. I actually just vlogged about it! The point is, to prime the day by giving to yourself first – not in a greedy way, but in a self-loving and self-caring way, so you can give endlessly to others. For me, I have been trying to get in journaling, praying, and exercise (mind, body and soul) before 7AM, then my day gets going. I loved this post!!
    Cristina recently posted..Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      It’s not greedy 🙂 , it’s necessary. I can notice the change in my outlook when I miss my morning routine. That alone has made it a necessity. I have a high stress job so it keeps me grounded and reminds me of my real focus in life.
      Kelly recently posted..Getting back to basics!My Profile

  14. Felecia Efriann says:

    It true that every person is more than just one thing, for you it was discovering you are not just a mom but being a mom has changed you as well as inspired you to go after your dreams. It is an interesting balance to find that space where you are not defining yourself by what you do and allowing yourself to be who you are while enjoying the many different things you will end up doing in life. Dreams are fun, and setting little goals helps them be more than just dreams.
    Felecia Efriann recently posted..Book Review // The Handmade BusinessMy Profile

  15. Amy says:

    I can all too well relate to you. After being a stay at home mom for 6 years, I lost myself. I began meditating as well and realizing that I cannot contribut to my family if I was lost in myself. I was unhappy for such a long time. Writing, breathing, and meditating has really helped me become more focus in how I want my days to turn out. I will be following this post as you find yourself along your journey. Good luck to you!
    Amy recently posted..I Don’t Want To Cook TodayMy Profile

  16. Staci says:

    I think every woman goes through the same thing after having a child.
    In our minds we go from being a woman, to being a mom, when really, we’re BOTH, not one or the other.
    We’re still our own person, with dreams, ambitions, relationships, and NEEDS.
    No one ever tells us how difficult it is to transition into being our own person PLUS a mom. It’s not easy, and I think it’s just different for all of us.
    But man, some kind of manual would be great… along with a manual on how to be the perfect mom.
    Wouldn’t that be lovely????
    I’d buy both manuals, for sure!
    Meditation is probably the next best thing, if we can’t have written out instructions!
    Staci recently posted..Starting a small business? Focus on email marketingMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      A manual would be great. It would make the perfect baby shower gift. 🙂 I do agree meditation comes in a close second, as long as it is before my son is up. There isn’t much meditating after that happens 😉
      Kelly recently posted..Getting back to basics!My Profile

    • Kelly says:

      My mind gets in the way all the time. After 20 years of off and on yoga practice, that is the only constant. It will always be my greatest challenge. I once had a teacher tell me to picture a box and as each thought came through, to put it in the box. That way you aren’t ignoring it, but just setting it aside. Then when you are done, you can open the box and deal with each one.
      Kelly recently posted..Getting back to basics!My Profile

  17. Staci says:

    I stayed home and raised my two kids, putting any dreams of my own on hold. I’m not sorry at all that I did, because they have grown up into amazing human beings. But those dreams I had? They were still there when I came back and I’m working on them right now!
    Staci recently posted..5th Anniversary Celebration Wrap-UpMy Profile

  18. chellie says:

    I remember a time after having kids when I just kind of lost my identity. I thought to myself… What do I even like to do? Who am I? I think what you wrote is so relatable! I’m happy to say I’m not in that phase anymore, but I think many new moms go through that. For me, I need to keep my eyes on Christ, remember who I am in Him, and seek God’s purpose for me daily.

  19. Adrianne says:

    My leap would be having more confidence in myself. I have things I want to see and do but sometimes I hold back for fear of failure. I need to be like Nike and “Just do it!”

  20. Laura says:

    I think I try to do too many things and it can hold me back from doing any of them really well. I need to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and listen to His voice.

  21. Jennifer @ Emulsified Family says:

    “Sometimes I feel like becoming a “mom” made me think I had to give up on my dreams. What I have realized is that I never needed to give up on them, maybe they just needed a little revamping.”

    EVERY new mom needs to hear that!! Having a baby changes everything and that’s OK. Our dreams can still be there, but they will change and that’s fine! I wish someone would have told me that BEFORE I had our first child. It would have made that transition a lot easier. 🙂
    Jennifer @ Emulsified Family recently posted..The Heirloom FoundationMy Profile

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