Cleaning hacks for the fitness addict

Guest post by: Patricia J Cornwell

If you are very fond of fitness and train every day, you should know how to keep your equipment and appliances clean and rid of unpleasant odors. The following cleaning hacks are suitable for all fitness addicts and easy to be applied. Put them in practice and your suit, mat and other belongings will be as clean as new.

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To remove the stinky smell and sweat from your clothes, add some vinegar in your laundry. It will make your clothes impeccable and rid of unpleasant odours. You can make your own spray for refreshing and scenting your yoga mat. With a few essential oils, distilled water and white vinegar you can create the spray and use it every time you practise yoga.

You can prepare your own cleaning wipes for wiping your gym equipment every time you finish with your training. For them you will need paper towels, vinegar, water, essential oil, dish soap and container to store the wipes.

You can remove the obnoxious smell from your water bottle with hot water and baking soda. Add a few full spoons of baking soda, fill the bottle with some hot water and let it soak for one or two hours. After that, you should wash the bottle with soap and water and it will be rid of the unpleasant smell.

Protect your shoes from contaminating your bag by slipping shower caps over them and then you can put them in your gym bag. Use soda sachets to stuff your gym shoes. This will remove the moisture and unpleasant smell from them. For making the sachet you will need some old pair of tights, essential oils that you like and baking soda.

After you finish with the workout, gather all your dirty clothes, yoga mat and items and let them aerate from your bag. You can make additional soda sachets for your pockets and use vinegar to wipe down everything.

If you use headband, switch it with a new one for every training. For cleaning your headbands, use a solution of water and vinegar. You need to wash your dumbbells as well. Use a spray or bleach wipes to clean them and from time to time wash them with warm water and dish soap.

It is healthy to switch showers from hot to cold after every workout. This will help you recover from the muscular effort.

If is important to wash your sweaty clothes as soon as possible instead of leaving them in the laundry basket. The odor and dirt will be removed more effectively. Also, wash your sports bra with you when you take a shower. Just keep the necessary quantity of detergent in your bathroom to use it at need.

If your pair of socks had become covered with mud and have spots which can’t be cleaned the ordinary way, you can boil some lemons with water and soak them in the turned off stove. You should soak your white socks there for one hour. After that, you can throw them in your washer.

If you use armband for your mp3-player, it needs to be cleaned whenever it gets sweaty. For washing it, use either a solution of vinegar and water or dish soap and warm water.

To disinfect your flip-flops and remove the stink from them use a plastic bag and a couple of tablespoons baking soda. If you use shared mat with other people, put on yoga gloves and socks for protecting your hands and feet.

It doesn’t matter if you train crunches or yoga. All of the appliances and mats that you use in the gym or in the fitness need to be sanitized well. This applies with full force to your clothes and shoes. Keep the hygiene on the necessary level while you practice and enjoy the benefits from your training for your health.

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