Motherhood: A new Birth of Woman

Motherhood has the greatest influence in human life. A Mother is one who takes the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while and their hearts forever.

Here are some ways to enjoy being a mother.

  1. At the end of every summer, take a family photo for the holiday card.
  2. The next time you have to go to a boring kiddie activity, invite another mom-friend along.
  3. Give your kids quiet time every day. Let them learn to be by themselves with books, crayons or blocks.
  4. Let your whole family take a day off and hang out in weekend all day long.
  5. Take your kids to live music performances from very early ages.
  6. Invent a fairy room. Give her a name and tell your kids that she is always watching them and counting up their good deeds.
  7. Pitch a tent in the backyard. Use it as your outdoor reading room. When there’s a full moon, plan a family campout with sleeping bags and a transistor radio.
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