Things stopping you from achieving your fitness goal

Sticking to fitness goals isn’t easy seeing that there are so many things that could stop you from achieving your exercise goals. Injuries, motivation and time are only some of the factors that could hinder you from achieving what you set out to do. So how can you overcome these?

Here are some common excuses to avoid fitness goal:

  1. Time: “I do not have enough time to exercise.” This must be one of the most common things that most people will list if you ask them why they are not achieving any goals.
  2. Own motivation: “Exercise is too boring.” Laziness and tiredness are also excuses that are often used. A repetitive workout day after day bores us so that we often are not able to get to our fitness goals.
  3. Money: Many people do not realize is that you can’t put a price on health. People often tend to say, “I can’t afford going to a gym” etc. If you attach a value to your health, you will make a way to exercise.
  4. Lack of information: “Do not quit so quickly.” If you can’t see the benefits after session one, give yourself sometime. You are still doing yourself a great favor. If you are not seeing the results you need, re-evaluate what went wrong, and learn from your mistakes.

These factors do not need to hinder you from achieving your goals! Consider some of the following strategies to overcome these barriers to achieving your fitness goals.

  1. Not enough time: Consider to get up earlier, drive less, walk more and get to do more bouts of shorts walks in a day.
  2. If you think exercise is boring, choose exercises that you enjoy, have some variety in you program, exercise with friends, relatives or co-workers and try new options. Set realistic goals to be achieved, be prepared and schedule exercises as if you would schedule an important appointment.
  3. Being on a tight budget: You don’t need to be a member of an elite fitness gym to achieve your goals. You can have a great workout at home, check out Beachbody on Demand. Start using stairs more instead of the elevator and make use of walking groups in your neighborhood.
  4. If other people are a problem then remind those close to you of the benefits or regular exercise. Propose new “Adventures” with family members and get your kids involved in exercising.
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