19. How did you feel the moment you became a parent?

I think you become a parent the moment you find out you are pregnant. At least, that's how it was for me. Every decision after that moment was about my child, no longer just about me. I was scared and excited and every emotion bundled into one. We were in the middle of wedding planning when we found out.  I remember just knowing I was, but I needed to take the test to be sure.  There were butterflies in my stomach.  Then, I needed to take a second test, just in case the first one was wrong.  Read more [...]

Day 18. What do you think your spouse loves most about you? #30things

Why on Earth do they make these questions so hard?  I would love to have some easy ones.  I don't like digging into things like this, but maybe my kids will read these one day and it will all be worth it.  So here I sit, watching knitting videos ( I will figure this out one day) and dig into my brain as everyone else is the house is asleep.  Yay for some quiet time.  How else am I going to figure this out. I would like to believe that there are many thing he loves about me.  Well, at least Read more [...]

Day 17. What is the thing you most wish you were great at? #30things

There are so many things I wish I could do better.  Painting, piano, knitting, singing, speaking foreign languages... the list could go on for some time. I think out of everything I can do but wish I was great at is playing the piano.  I just find it so therapeutic.  I played some through my whole pregnancy, so it still seems to calm the beast. I have never taken formal lessons.  My father taught me when I was younger, and I continued to teach myself over the years. I cannot tell you Read more [...]

Day 16. What are your greatest accomplishments? #30things

Everyone has accomplishments that they are proud of.  At different times in your life, each one may be important than others.  I have so many things to be proud of.  I'm going to list them, but they aren't in any order other than what my brains comes up with.  LOL it is still early in my mind and I'm only on my first cup of coffee, so forgive me. My degrees, all 3 of them, even if I am not using them  (Anyone looking for a virtual bookkeeper?) My son, I am proud of him every day, albeit Read more [...]

Day 15. Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love. #30things

LOL how I knew... The first time we talked, I knew we would at least be friends.  It immediately felt like I was talking to someone I had known forever.  This was a good thing, since I was planning on subletting to him.  We had a chance to hang out a few times, and we could talk until the sun came up.  I was going on a mini vacay with friends, and crashing at the apartment so I warned him we would be there.  Again, we sat up all night talking.  We had an amazing weekend, Read more [...]

Day 14. weaknesses and strengths… #30things

Strengths: Stubborn Creative Intelligent Make friends pretty easy Problem Solving Weaknesses: Stubborn - Yes, I said is was a strength, and at times it is.  There are other times, when I just need to give it up. Closed off Untrusting lack of patience - I am such an impatient person, although my son teaches me patience on a daily basis. OCD So what are your strengths and weaknesses? Read more [...]

Day 13. What’s the hardest part of growing up? #30things

I can remember being a kid saying I couldn't wait to grow up.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  This isn't fun like I thought it would be. I mean, OMG I love my family but holy sh*t, what a ride getting here. I think the hardest part was the responsibilities and losing friends.  People don't grow up at the same speed, and I think I have lost more than a few friends that way.  But I figure, maybe they will catch up one day.  Every day is a new challenge though. So what do you think Read more [...]

Day 12. Describe a typical day in your current life. #30things

My days were so much easier a few months ago. Back then, the peanut could only roll over... In the past two months, he has mastered crawling and is pulling himself up on everything. Fun. Normally, I get up anywhere between 6-8, depending on if I need the car or not. First thing is to make coffee. I am a beast without it. Usually, right after I finish my first cup, the peanut is up and hungry.  Change diaper and nursing the baby are up next.  Throw a load of diapers in while I have a chance, Read more [...]

Day 10. Describe your most embarrassing moment. #30things

I hate being embarrassed.  It is one of my peeves. I think the most embarrassing moment was my wedding.  Being pregnant, I wasn't the giddy, nervous bride, I was feeling fat and neurotic.  My only request was not to put cake in my face, I already felt unattractive.  But... that did not happen.  He was egged on by my older brother, who thought it would be funny.  He did it.  So, all heck broke loose.  I'm locked in a room crying, hes storming off.  After a long alcohol fueled evening, Read more [...]