Motherhood: A new Birth of Woman

Motherhood has the greatest influence in human life. A Mother is one who takes the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while and their hearts forever. Here are some ways to enjoy being a mother. At the end of every summer, take a family photo for the holiday card. The next time you have to go to a boring kiddie activity, invite another mom-friend along. Give your kids quiet time every day. Let them learn to be by themselves Read more [...]

Travelling with your Infant

Like many parents, you are worried about your little one. You never want to take that little baby anywhere except home. Because you care for that little one very much, he/she needs lots of attentions and feeds, so travelling long distance and going on holiday can be difficult to manage. But enjoyable travel is possible, and we have some tips to help you regarding travelling with your baby and how to make it smooth for you. You have many questions in your mind about travelling with your baby. Questions Read more [...]

Didy Tai Giveaway Dec 4-19

  Sponsored by Adriane Stare of Caribou Baby   Hosted by: The Squishable Baby   Co-hosted by: Our Piece of Earth According to Jenny Zephyr Hill Blog The Median Mommy Life as a Wife, Mummy and Nurse I Thought I Knew Mama Mommy's Favorite Things Kerrific online Living Peacefully with Children Hobo Mama Momma Lew     Are you ready?!   The Tuesday after Thanksgiving - the frenzy starts! We are giving away a very awesome Read more [...]

We Love Mei Tas Giveaway Event

  Sponsored by Caribou Baby   Hosted by: The Squishable Baby     ~PLEASE READ THIS BLOGGER OPP IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE FILLING IN ANY FORMS~   We are giving away a beautiful - one of a kind - Didymos DidyTai RV $190. US and Canada18+   The DidyTai is a wonderful marriage between a woven wrap and a Buckle carrier. Super fast (and easy to learn) like the buckle carrier and snugly like a wrap. The DidyTai (or wrap-tai) has a criss-cross back for weight support. Read more [...]

Extended Breastfeeding… Yes, I Do

I mean no offense to my friends and readers who use formula, I know you are doing what is best for you and your family. This stems from Peanut's one year check up. Sometimes I really don't like how uneducated people including doctors are. At Peanut's one year check up, I was asked if we were still breastfeeding, and very proudly I said yes.  We had a tough time in the beginning and I am proud that we are still going.  Well the physicians assistant looked at me and plainly told me to wean Viagra quick shipment
A Mothers Design

Living the Attachment Parenting Life – Part 2

This is part 2 of my Living the Attachment Parenting life set.  You can see part 1 here. Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally - Co-sleeping has been such a blessing.  Peanut definitely loves his night-time feedings, so this lets me feed him and still get some rest because he is an EARLY riser.  I know that it is controversial but I feel if it works for you and you do it safely, go for it.  I understand that this does not work for everyone, but don't bash me because it works for Read more [...]
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Living the Attachment Parenting life Part 1

When I was pregnant I started worrying about how I was going to raise Peanut.  I was able to come up with a list of things I didn't want to do.  So I started researching parenting styles, to see if I fit in anywhere.  It was during this quest I found Attachment Parenting and Dr. Sears.  It seemed to me that I found something that I agreed with.  There are eight basic principles to AP. I have included links to the official API page with the descriptions. Preparation for Pregnancy, Birth and Read more [...]

Babywearing and cloth diapers

  Well the other night my husband and I went to class on babywearing and cloth diapers.  I was glad he had so many questions. As for baby wearing, there are SO many different types of ways to carry them.  The big benefit to babywearing was the reduced risk of post partum depression.  Not to mention the fact you still have tow hands available.  He fell in love with the Boba carrier and I really like the Boba wrap.  Now to pick colors Cloth diapers was interesting.  We already have started Read more [...]