Matilda Jane Giveaway

Go Back to School in Style with Matilda Jane! Hosted by More Than Mommy and co-hosted by Mommy's Craft Obsession and Simply Southern Couponers Matilda Jane is a wonderful children's clothing boutique. They are the 'Unpredictable Clothing Company’! From the style, to the colors and craftsmanship, you won't find clothes like these anywhere else! Matilda Jane reflects the uniqueness of each child who wears their clothes in a fun and fabulous way. You can check out a full review by Renae Read more [...]

Back to School

I like to start my back to school process before the lists are even sent out.  I know they will need: pens, pencils, paper, makers, crayons, glue, scissors, ruler, and folders at the very least. So, my prepping starts before the lists and the mad rush. Although I realize the folders from last year will not be reusable as there is sure to be a new fashion, the other items survive from year to year. So, I go through last year’s items and put all reusable items in the hallway closet. Then when Read more [...]