My birth story

Social Good Moms asked us to share about our birth story and how we felt after birth with Save the Children. I think back often on Peanuts birth and how many changes I will be making the next time around.  Since this was my first birth, I really didn't know what to expect.  I put my full faith in my midwife and doctor.  This was such a mistake. About two weeks before I delivered, we were in the hospital because he wasn't moving as much as he should be.  I was nervous, as any first time Read more [...]

Rant of a SAHM

As I crawl back on my soapbox, let me start this with the fact I don't mean to offend anyone.  This is just to clear my head.  OK... here goes Does anyone else feel under appreciated as a stay at home mom?  Sometimes, I feel like people take it for granted that since I stay at home, life is easy.  No, it is not easy.  No, I do not get to lay around all day.  90% of my day is spent chasing an overactive toddler through the house and convincing him to stop climbing on things.  The rest of Read more [...]

Real Kids Shades review

So living in Florida means sunglasses are part of our everyday attire.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance to review some sunglasses that I was sent Real Kids Shades for Peanut. Easier said than done, let me tell you.  I've managed to try all three pairs of glasses on him.  While I love the idea of protecting his eyes, I'm not winning this battle.  He refuses to leave them on.  He would rather chew on them.  But, the hat that came with the glasses was a much bigger hit with him. These Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #6: Declutter for 15 minutes

Task #6: Declutter for 15 minutes If you use it or you love it, it’s worth making space for in your life. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 4 You know that ahhhh feeling you get when you spend time in a tidy, organized room? Space that contains just what it needs to be functional and comfortable—but no more—lets you relax and think in a way you just can’t in a cluttered environment. The same is true for kids: when the playroom (or homework desk or art project area) is clear and only Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #3: Say Yes and No

Task #3: Say Yes and No Your time and attention are too precious to be nibbled away by everything that would thoughtlessly take a bite. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 1 We’re going to challenge your assumptions and invite you to give your calendar and to-do list a closer look. Is everything in there something you really have to attend to or do? Today’s task is to say yes to an event or task that makes you happy, and no to an event or task that’s dragging you down. When you clear Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #2: Tackle Your Most Difficult Thing First

Task #2: Tackle Your Most Difficult Thing First We get that there’s only so much interruption you can control (you can’t exactly push the mute button on a toddler). – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 3 We all have those nagging items on our to-do lists. Some require focused time (e.g., generating a budget) whereas others come with emotional weight (e.g., a difficult phone call you need to make). Either way, procrastinating depletes your energy. Every time your eyes hit that to-do list item Read more [...]

#MinCamp Day 1 Creating a More and Less List

Task #1: Make a More and Less List The question goes from “How do I fit everything in?” to “What’s most important to fit in?  – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 2 #MinCamp We're kicking off MinCamp by focusing on what most parents tell us is their biggest challenge: time. In Minimalist Parenting, we talk about "making room for remarkable." In other words, when you do less of the unimportant stuff, there's more time and space for the important stuff. The challenge? Figuring out what's Read more [...]

Ellie Workout Wear Giveaway Ends March 31 {CLOSED}

Ellie is giving away a sample box to one lucky winner!!! Event dates – 3/15/13 – 3/31/13 Open to US residence 18+ All winners entries will be verified!!!Our5Cents is excited to bring you another great giveaway! Be sure to stop by and visit Ellie Facebook page to stay up to date on their new line. They have lots of sales for Facebook fans only that you will not want to miss!! While your there be sure to tell them Our5Cents sent you and thanks for the giveaway!   Pros: Workout Read more [...]
A Mothers Design

Living the Attachment Parenting life Part 1

When I was pregnant I started worrying about how I was going to raise Peanut.  I was able to come up with a list of things I didn't want to do.  So I started researching parenting styles, to see if I fit in anywhere.  It was during this quest I found Attachment Parenting and Dr. Sears.  It seemed to me that I found something that I agreed with.  There are eight basic principles to AP. I have included links to the official API page with the descriptions. Preparation for Pregnancy, Birth and Read more [...]