mincamp task 9

MinCamp Task #9 – Involve Your Kids in Mealtime

Talk bout falling off the band wagon.  This was scheduled for mid April... obviously that didn't happen.  Sometimes life just gets in the way I guess.  On to MinCamp task #9, involving kids in mealtime. Task #9: Involve Your Kids in Mealtime If your child wants to make crazy shapes with the cookie dough, why not? When you let your kid take charge (within reason) you’ll be amazed by how focused he’ll get on the project and the result. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 12 We're big Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #8 – Make a Menu Plan

Task #8: Make a menu plan If cooking relaxes you and brings you joy, great. But don’t feel guilty if food isn’t your cup of tea—there are plenty of ways to feed your family well without devoting yourself to the kitchen. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 11 Meal planning always seems like a good idea, but it’s all too easy for the week to get away from you and suddenly you’re serving cereal for dinner. Not that there’s anything wrong with cereal. But a little thinking ahead about Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #7: Declutter your e-mail

Task #7: Declutter your e-mail It’s not only impossible to respond to every query, it’s perfectly okay to not respond to everything, particularly when lack of response is due to lack of interest. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 5 E-mail. Amazingly convenient. Also the bane of many of our existences. Digital clutter can be just as paralyzing as physical clutter, so today we’re going to do something about it. Today’s task is to spend 30 minutes decluttering youre-mail using Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #6: Declutter for 15 minutes

Task #6: Declutter for 15 minutes If you use it or you love it, it’s worth making space for in your life. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 4 You know that ahhhh feeling you get when you spend time in a tidy, organized room? Space that contains just what it needs to be functional and comfortable—but no more—lets you relax and think in a way you just can’t in a cluttered environment. The same is true for kids: when the playroom (or homework desk or art project area) is clear and only Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #5: Donate a bag of stuff

Task #5: Donate a bag of stuff Unless you have an immediate positive reaction to an item, you can probably let it go.  – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 5 #MinCampIn no area of family life does the first key of Minimalist Parenting—make room for remarkable—translate so literally. Most of us feel happier and clearer in more open and organized environments, but getting there can be tricky for all sorts of reasons. In the book, we walk you through what those reasons might be (and how to Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #4 Delegate Chores

Task #4: Delegate Chores When we reach out to each other for help, everyone benefits. Chores bond families, and mutual favors cement neighborhoods and communities. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 3 #MinCamp When your children are babies, they are the work that needs to be done. But sooner than you expect, kids grow into capable members of the household. Today’s task is to delegate three household chores to your kids. Giving kids chores may seem like more work at first, but it’s Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #3: Say Yes and No

Task #3: Say Yes and No Your time and attention are too precious to be nibbled away by everything that would thoughtlessly take a bite. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 1 We’re going to challenge your assumptions and invite you to give your calendar and to-do list a closer look. Is everything in there something you really have to attend to or do? Today’s task is to say yes to an event or task that makes you happy, and no to an event or task that’s dragging you down. When you clear Read more [...]

#MinCamp Task #2: Tackle Your Most Difficult Thing First

Task #2: Tackle Your Most Difficult Thing First We get that there’s only so much interruption you can control (you can’t exactly push the mute button on a toddler). – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 3 We all have those nagging items on our to-do lists. Some require focused time (e.g., generating a budget) whereas others come with emotional weight (e.g., a difficult phone call you need to make). Either way, procrastinating depletes your energy. Every time your eyes hit that to-do list item Read more [...]

#MinCamp Day 1 Creating a More and Less List

Task #1: Make a More and Less List The question goes from “How do I fit everything in?” to “What’s most important to fit in?  – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 2 #MinCamp We're kicking off MinCamp by focusing on what most parents tell us is their biggest challenge: time. In Minimalist Parenting, we talk about "making room for remarkable." In other words, when you do less of the unimportant stuff, there's more time and space for the important stuff. The challenge? Figuring out what's Read more [...]