Sunsella Silicone Popsicle Molds Review #sunsellamightypops

#sunsellamightypops Perfect timing with the heat of summer bearing down on us. I have tried several popsicle molds but never had good luck.  These are great.  Easy to fill, easy to get the popsicle out.   My favorite recipe from the book was the Pick-Me-Up Mocha Pops. Yield: 21 fl oz (6 Mighty Pops) •2 bananas •3/4 cup strong coffee, cooled •1 cup dairy or plant milk •2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder •sweetener to taste (optional)  From Read more [...]

GIVEAWAY – Pura D’or Organic Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner {CLOSED}

I will admit it, I shed worse than the animals do.  After having Peanut, I feel like all I do is shed.  So when I get asked about trying an organic product that can help with excessive shedding, I'm thrilled.  I also hate to believe that these things will work, so I figured I would give it a month before I reviewed it. Well the first week, I can say that I didn't see much difference BUT the conditioner has a heavenly smell and it lasts ALL day!  The shampoo on the other hand, smells ok, Synthroid online without a prescription

Majestical Jewelry Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Majestical is a high fashion online only jewelry store specializing in handmade jewelry and statement pieces. i was sent an amazing set. This Floral Jewels set is a vibrant and colorful purple and blue design that will light up your life. This bold statement necklace comes with matching post earrings. Wear them out for a night you will never forget. 20" approx. length with 3" extender Lobster claw clasp I was pleasantly Read more [...]

Amber for Babies Review

Peanut already had one amber teething necklace but I didn't have much faith in it. I don't "love" the store I bought it from, plus he was able to break a few of the pieces off. So when the opportunity arose to try a different brand, I thought, well why not? I chose a raw lemon Baltic amber teething necklace. My previous one was shiny with several different colors, which I didn't really like too much for him. I love them.  I feel that these work better for him, he cut 8 teeth since Read more [...]

Buttons Cloth Diapers Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. One word - ADORABLE! Before I received my diaper (in its super cute packaging), I checked out their website.  Here's what they say about the diaper: Soft, leak-proof, and durable diaper covers. The double-gussets around the legs keeps the mess in, so your little one can run, jump, climb, and sleep while your mind is at ease. Elastic at the back and tummy makes a custom fit. The durable snaps allow the covers to adjust to fit any Read more [...]

Immortal Sleep Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I don't sleep well.  I'm usually a light sleeper and never feel rested.  I thought an herbal option would be great.  I took only 2 pills out of the trial package.  I felt ucky and groggy the next day.  I didn't take any more after than.  They do work, I did fall asleep easier, I just didn't like the way I felt the next day.  But, that was just my experience. From the Company: Wake up refreshed and Read more [...]

Sleep and Your Child’s Temperament Review & Giveaway

With a toddler who doesn't believe in sleep, I was desperate to try anything. You can check out her sites at: and We co-sleep so Peanut usually goes down at the same time as us.  Lately though, we have been working on getting him to sleep a little earlier.  Not much but a little, I don't want him up at 4 a.m. LOL He is coming up on 18 months and has become very opinionated, and sometimes, he will even put himself to sleep.  Read more [...]

NutriCrystal Wireless Smart Food Scale Review

I feel like I am always trying to keep track of what I eat.  I was excited to try the NutriCrystal Wireless Smart Food Scale.  I loved the fact I could connect it to my phone and track it that way. Here are some of the details: NutriCrystal Wireless Smart Food Scale is the world's first Bluetooth Smart Ready Food scale that comes with a huge selections of mobile application in iOS and Android to help people track their daily nutrients intake. Based on customer feedback, these some of Read more [...]

Spells: Ten Tales Of Magic E-book Review

The other anthology I had the pleasure of reading "Spells: Ten Tales Of Magic" E-book.  This one has more of a fantasy overtone than the previous one.  The book is well written and the authors do a great job weaving their tales and holding your attention.  I really loved "The Final Spark".  "Obsessed" is a creepy tale that reminds you not to mess with things you don't know about. From the Editor: Ten short story of fantasy, edited by Rayne Hall. The authors of these ten tales have Read more [...]

Beltane: Ten Tales Of Witchcraft E-book Review

Halloween is the perfect time for a review of "Beltane: Ten Tales Of Witchcraft" Ebook. I really enjoy anthologies, they fit so much better with my time constraints these days.  It's so much easier for me to breeze through a story here and there vs. trying to sit and read a whole book.  I think my favorite story was "The Accidental Witch".  Each story is well-crafted and keeps your attention from the beginning till the very last story. From the Editor: Ten witchcraft stories by ten Read more [...]